It took longer than I expected to assemble the cabinet. I had left the parts slightly oversized, which allowed me to get crisp edges for assembly, but ended up taking a fair amount of time I hadn’t expected.

Perhaps the most complicated cuts came when trimming the ends of the plywood for the top and bottom without cutting off the solid wood strips glued to the front. I don’t want a butt joint there so I plan to rabbet the ends of the strips and fit the sides to those rabbets.

To make the cuts I marked where I wanted the edge to be.

east wall drawing

I then clamped the panel into my crosscut sled, using an ‘outrider’ strip to support the far end of the long panel.

panel clamped and ready to cut

To avoid cutting the front strip, I had to do a stopped cut, where I leave a bit of material to be cleaned up by hand.

panel after stop cut

Using a flush cut saw and a chisel, I cleaned up what remained:

panel with corner cleaned up by hand

After cutting all the parts carefully to final length and width, it was all about taking my time and being precise. It turned out well.

panel with corner cleaned up by hand

I have a few more things to do before I take it upstairs and put it in place, but hope to get all of that done tomorrow.