I’ve finally gotten all the trim pieces and shelf stiffeners sanded, sealed, and stained.

I also took some time today to rough out the parts for the frames of the two doors in this upper area. This picture actually shows the difference in color between rough milled or unmilled cherry and my sanded, sealed and stained parts.

stained and unstained

The finished parts will have a slightly more amber color, and the tones will show up better with polyurenthane on them.

My long piece of trim is so long I’ve had to rig up another makeshift way to keep it covered from dust while the polyurethane dries.

long trim ready for finish

I also took time this weekend to lay out and glue on a layer of blocking at the top of the cabinets. This will allow me to fasten the top piece of trim across a wider area, hopefully keeping it from warping from bottom to top.

blocks clamped and glued

And between the big build work and spending time with family, I finished cleaning up a small set of inside calipers. I picked them up off of craigslist several years ago and they’ve been sitting around waiting for me to find time to work on them. They were badly rusted when I started working on them (I didn' think to take a picture) and still have some pitting on them. But they will be quite servicable.

small inside calipers